What we are:

A health cooperative belonging to the community.

We are a supporter of the Canadian health care system.

Membership is open to everyone.


What is a health coop:

An enterprise/business with a social cause that provides general medical services.

Any profits are put back into the coop


What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Access to services provided by the health professionals.

Access to various specialists (i.e. physiotherapist, etc.) at a reduced rate.

Participation in prevention and health promotion activities.

Access to health services such as wound care, blood pressure monitoring, etc.

Your participation will help to build the coop.


What is the cost of membership?

There is a one time fee of $20 for the social share of the coop

Adults : 115$ / year taxes included

Children 13 and under: free if one of the parents is a member

Children  14 to 17: 57.50$ / year taxes included


How can I become a member?

Visit the Coop Monday through Friday

What are the dues for?

Dues will cover, in part, the operating costs of the health cooperative such as rent, equipment, supplies and the salaries of the nurses, secretaries and maintenance staff.


Who is eligible to become a member?

Many neighbouring municipalities are supporting the health coop and we are encouraging their citizens to join.

Anyone may become a member. You do not have to live in Hemmingford to benefit of the services


Is the Coop Santé Hemmingford private?

No, eventual doctors will be paid by the Régie de l’assurance maladie Québec.


Who pays for the other personnel – nurses, secretaries, etc.?

The coop pays their salaries from membership dues and other revenues


When are doctors available at the clinic?

We do not have a doctor yet but the coop is presently recruting


May I donate towards the centre?

The coop is pleased to accept any donations.


Should I give up my family doctor when I join the coop?

No, think of the coop as a provider of emergency care in close proximity to your home with minimal wait times


Will I be treated at the clinic if I am not a member?

Non-members have access to the services for